Transformation services

Undergoing digital transformation?


Access to top 1% engineers and named experts (including project managers).
Best price to performance ratio.

Our experts have undergone dozens of digital transformations in small and big organizations (some with 10 000+ employees). People More can consult the business needs, execute due diligence, evaluate best possible options and deliver the change. We are also more than happy to help only in specific tasks under broader digital transformation programmes.

Example case-study:

We have been engaged in merger project with assets worth over 100B euro. Our experts have executed due diligence and prepared blueprint. Selected company has provided software to automate consolidation process resulting merger process concluded earlier than expected.


  • People More delivers enterprise IT projects with the SMB attitude towards responsiveness, transparency, and engagement
  • Experts with extensive experience in complex IT projects available immediately

Need to migrate to new technological stack?


Access to top 1% engineers and named experts (including project managers).
Migration experts and execution

People More have expertise in maintaining and updating legacy IT stack. We are able to take full responsibility for support and maintenance of existing solutions used in production or migrating such to newer technology.

Example case-study – British Telecom (UK):

We have provided services to British Telecom where People More experts solved multiple issues with legacy mobile applications developed years ago by different vendor. We have provided support for new iOS and Android versions also with updated UI to align with current Apple and Google requirements. Additionally, our experts have developed a single code-base for both systems that compiles to native code for easier maintenance of the stack in the future.


  • lowered development and maintenance cost by almost half (mostly due to moving selected applications to single code technology)
  • single point of contact responsibility for legacy applications

Engagement models


Our key areas of expertise are:

Web Development

Front-End / React / Angular

Mobile Development

iOS / tvOS / watchOS / Android / React Native / Kotlin / Flutter

Software Development

Java / .Net / C# / Python / PHP / Node.js and many more

CX / UX / UI Design

UX/UI design / UX/UI audits / Client experience design

DB & Migrations

Database development / Migration projects / SQL + NoSQL

Intelligent Automation & AI

Data mining / Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Project Management

Scrum masters / PMs / Business Analysts / Architects

Quality Assurance & Cybersecurity

Consultants / Quality and security audits

Digital Enterprise

Legacy stack maintenance and support / Digital transformation management

Our tech stack

This is our based tech stack using for build incredible products – but we still evolve and add new technologies to that stack

Java Script
Java Script
React Native

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