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We have been successfully creating companies for20 years.

20 years of experience is not much, but enough to understand that exceptional business is always created by exceptional people. We like people, we look for the uniqueness in them, we give them challenges, and create conditions for them to create unusual things.

Value proposition

At People More, we provide SME clients with access to highly-skilled European IT specialists who deliver exceptional results quickly and consistently. Our commitment to responsive communication, quick problem-solving, and team stability ensures that your projects are delivered on time. With our expertise in team augmentation, IT outsourcing, managed delivery, project-based consulting, and product ideation and creation, we can help your business grow faster. Choose People More for quality IT solutions that exceed your expectations.

West European culture aspect of Mid-west IT People

Our team embodies the Polish mindset of taking responsibility and going the extra mile to ensure high-quality work is delivered at an efficient pace. We pride ourselves in our ability to adapt to any project’s style and requirements, providing top-notch results every time.

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Success stories

Bits and Pieces of Success

We have over 20 years of experience in IT, especially in digital media, telecommunication and industry. At People More, we are proud of the work we have done with our clients, and we believe that our success stories speak for themselves. Our team has helped businesses of all sizes and industries achieve their technology goals by providing them with custom-built IT teams and project-based consulting services.

Pros and cons of onshore, nearshore, and offshore IT outsourcing​

Delivery of re-designed mobile apps (iOS and Android) and migration from legacy to modern technological stack.

  • Solved multiple issues with legacy mobile applications developed years ago by different vendor, provided support for new iOS and Android versions also with updated UI to accommodate for changed Apple and Google requirements
  • Designed UX and UI for new cross-system (iOS + Android) app.
  • Worked closely with client backend team, jointly designed new APIs
  • Developed a single code-base for both systems that compiles to native code
  • Lowered development cost by almost half and due to using React Native lowered cost of future maintenance as well

Country: Great Britain

Tech stack scope: React Native, UX/UI, Design, Objective-C, JAVA

Vernaio AI IoT Saas is an AI company based in Germany, that develops solutions for industrial process optimization. People More is a key contributor for the development of their AI IoT SaaS application.

  • Design and development of UX/UI and product design for new application.
  • Defining and designing USP and UX for their service in close cooperation with Client product managers
  • Defining test protocols to identify design flaws avoiding redesign and refactoring of code for the Client

Country: Germany

Tech stack scope: UX/UI/Product Design, React.js, Java, DevOps


Long standing cooperation (10+ years) with Bosch Home Appliances in Poland. Main project has been the “Academy of Taste” where People More developed a content-marketing platform. Key services delivered

  • UX/UI designs and key functionalities for end-users.
  • Development of front-end and PHP back-end along with ElasticSearch and dedicated CMS.
  • SEO optimization website delivering very significant customer traffic – without any recurring cost and paid ad-campaigns.
  • Working in partnership with others to create thousands of recipes and other content during the relationship.

Country: Poland

Tech stack scope: UX/UI Design, Front-end, PHP, ElasticSearch, SEO optimization

NapoSpy was Napo Gloves Kickstarter-backed project for beacon-enabled gloves.

  • People More designed and developed mobile app that allowed finding lost gloves
  • App showed last known location (on map + or &) the ability to find and interact (audio) with the gloves

Country: Poland

Tech stack scope: Product design, UX/UI design, iOS and Android development, Bluetooth beacons, Project management, Workshops

Designing and developing the main website for Poland-based mobile games developer. Key services:

  • UX/UI designs
  • Developing front-end and WordPress back-end along with custom APIs integrations
  • First design being was accepted without any major change, delivering a record time-to-market for this client

Country: Poland

Tech stack scope: UX/UI Design, Front-end, WordPress, Custom APIs integration


RMF FM is the first privately-owned and the most successful radio station in Poland. People More created an improved UX for the main website. Key goals and success criteria were the acceptance of a wider audience and increased average session duration. Key project deliverables:

  • Improving user journeys and high-fidelity RWD UX mockups and prototypes
  • In cooperation with our Clients’ and sister company’s strategy and marketing teams developing engaging functionalities for end-users.
  • Redefining website USPs and redesigning UX to differentiate from competitors.
  • RMF gained more page views and higher engagement from users creating a very successful customer story

Country: Poland

Tech stack scope: UX Design, Workshops


TVP is the Polish national television who have been a client for over 5 years. We supported TVP in designing and developing many of their key web and mobile services – many of them video-related.

  • Our designers created engaging UX/UI designs for web and mobile for one of most important VOD services in Poland – both for web and mobile front ends and Smart TV’s.
  • Developed front-end and PHP backend which retrieves data from Java and Oracle CMS. The project was integrated with Silverlight
  • Other professional services linked to analytics and advertisement

Country: Poland

Tech stack scope: UX/UI, Design, Vue.js, PHP


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