Expanding Your Team

Missing some specific competences and need a next pair of hand?
Missing team members for new IT project?


Access to top 1% engineers and named experts.
Team available in less than 2 weeks


If you miss specific competences go for outstaffing service. We offer our experts in different engagement model – and you can select the one which is most convenient for you.

No matter which model works better for you,
we follow this fast and efficient team building process:



Our experts analyse required competences or technologies. If needed, we will transparently discuss with you our concerns and suggestions.


Contract signature

Signing frame agreement contract without payment obligations at this stage


Candidates verification

We can pre-select experts or leave it to you to decide. If you want to check your future team members by yourself we will organize online interviews


Engagement model selection

Decide how would you like to use our resources: team augmentation, outsourcing or managed delivery of project



Onboarding our team to your organization and start of work under strict performance monitoring of People More PM

Realization time < 2 weeks
Realization time < 2 weeks

Engagement models

Piotr Kaczor

Our key areas of expertise are:

Web Development

Front-End / React / Angular

Mobile Development

iOS / tvOS / watchOS / Android / React Native / Kotlin / Flutter

Software Development

Java / .Net / C# / Python / PHP / Node.js and many more

CX / UX / UI Design

UX/UI design / UX/UI audits / Client experience design

DB & Migrations

Database development / Migration projects / SQL + NoSQL

Intelligent Automation & AI

Data mining / Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Project Management

Scrum masters / PMs / Business Analysts / Architects

Quality Assurance & Cybersecurity

Consultants / Quality and security audits

Digital Enterprise

Legacy stack maintenance and support / Digital transformation management

Our tech stack

This is our based tech stack using for build incredible products – but we still evolve and add new technologies to that stack

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