PEOPLE_that's IT

Working for PeopleMore is a fulfilling experience with many learning opportunities, supportive colleagues, and a positive work culture.

People.That’s IT.

Beata Mlicka / Frontend developer

PEOPLE_that’s IT

I was looking for open-minded people who wanted to work in a friendly atmosphere and with challenging projects. That’s exactly what I found here.

People that’s IT.

Ewa Chadzińska / Project Manager

PEOPLE_that’s IT

Working at People More is a source of inspiration and personal growth, with a supportive community that encourages knowledge sharing and diverse project opportunities.

People that’s IT.

Kamil Kołakowski / _PHP Developer

PEOPLE_that’s IT

Working with People More is a delightful experience due to their professionalism, commitment, passion, and emphasis on quality and customer/employee relations.

People that’s IT.

Roman Yurkevych / Data Engineer

PEOPLE_that's IT

Such well-organized work among professionals, mutual support and atmosphere should be standard. I can work on ambitious projects here and feel at home. It’s the perfect combination.

People that’s IT.

Tomasz Borowy / Fullstack Developer

Our mission

„Helping realize clients’ business dreams
by effectively providing

the best technology people”

Value proposition

At People More, we provide SME clients with access to highly-skilled European IT specialists who deliver exceptional results quickly and consistently. Our commitment to responsive communication, quick problem-solving, and team stability ensures that your projects are delivered on time.

With our expertise in team augmentation, IT outsourcing, managed delivery, project-based consulting, or product ideation and creation, we can help your business grow faster.

Choose People More for quality IT solutions that exceed your expectations.

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Engagement models

Piotr Kaczor

Our tech stack

This is our based tech stack using for build incredible products – but we still evolve and add new technologies to that stack

Recommended by

People More developed a custom design system for our solution for industrial manufacturing companies. The team also implemented front-end and back-end modules and worked as a devops part for our IoT platform and application. I am happy with the partnership.

Lukas Lentner/CTO and Co-Founder, Vernaio GmbH

Partnering with People More for IT outsourcing has been a game-changer for us. Their technology knowledge and dedicated team not only helped us reduce costs but get the project running in the right direction. Their professionalism and commitment to our success are unparalleled, and we highly recommend them to any business seeking top-quality IT services.

Cerilla de Heer/Directeur, insurIT

PEOPLE MORE P.S.A.’s work has made notable improvements in control, data flow, storage, and scalability, fully meeting expectations. Their well-organized and timely approach has fostered a smooth partnership. Their flexibility and unwavering commitment to the project have been truly impressive.

Sebastian Piotr Kuniewski/Technical specialist, C-Cube International b.v.

People More has been a key partner for GroupIvator in the design and consultancy process for our Health Care, patient motivational system. Especially the exchange of ideas and proposals with the UI/UX design team has been very helpful to us.

Jesper Löth/Executive, Groupivator
Nils Frohloff

Peoplemore successfully delivered all project features within the scheduled timeline and budget constraints. Additionally, they demonstrated flexibility and agility in responding to modifications and updates throughout the project.

Nils Frohloff/Founder & CEO, BeerMoments GmbH

Case Studies

We have over 20 years of experience in IT, especially in digital media, telecommunication and industry. At People More, we are proud of the work we have done with our clients, and we believe that our success stories speak for themselves. Our team has helped businesses of all sizes and industries achieve their technology goals by providing them with custom-built IT teams and project-based consulting services.

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Our focus on the human aspect of IT collaboration is what sets us apart from other technology service providers. We prioritise the people involved in IT projects, whether they are customers, employees or partners.