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Missing specific IT competences?


Best price to performance ratio.
Future-proof and evolving architecture

People More offers a wide range of experts available to you. It is difficult to be a master in any field. We can definitely call ourselves masters in IT. ​

We can help you develop bespoke software across all major technology stacks. We also have business consultants in specific industries such as digital media, industry or telecommunications.​

Example case-study: ​

The client was struggling to implement a particular software. People More was able to establish a cross-functional team of business analysts, programmers and implementation experts within 2 weeks. All of this has led to the rapid implementation of key milestones in an already ongoing project.​

Benefits: ​

  • IT and subject matter experts available at short notice (compared to the recruitment process)​
  • Short time to market for business initiatives​

Are you using cloud or own resources efficiently?


Top experts consultancy
Future-proof and evolving architecture

People More helps designing, implementing and maintaining IT stack in different hosting models.

Example case-study:

  • We help identifying the most optimum stack from the perspective of business operations. We suggest what to be deployed on a cloud and which systems shall stay in-house.
  • We are providing consultancy and execute monitoring tools to measure and optimize system performance, availability and scalability.


  • lowered infrastructure costs
  • increased security
  • Improved release agility and solution performance
  • automated deployment and configuration processes in whole IT stack.

Need help with UX / UI in your product?


Best experts in UX/UI
Complete team to audit, design and implement easy to use and attractive frontend.

People More boasts wide range of experts, including CX/UX/UI specialists. We have experience in auditing and designing variety of applications, which includes webpages, industrial applications, and infotainment embedded software

Example case-study – Vernaio GmbH (Germany):

Vernaio produces solution for industrial process automation. We have been responsible for designing and development of user friendly frontend. The application deals with complicated processes based on AI algorithms and every implementation need a proper engine settings. Therefore, the user interface had to be as intuitive as possible to enable the operator to apply complex rules in a quick and understandable way.


  • Faster product implementation thanks to intuitive GUI
  • One stop shop for system design and implementation

Engagement models


Our key areas of expertise are:

Web Development

Front-End / React / Angular

Mobile Development

iOS / tvOS / watchOS / Android / React Native / Kotlin / Flutter

Software Development

Java / .Net / C# / Python / PHP / Node.js and many more

CX / UX / UI Design

UX/UI design / UX/UI audits / Client experience design

DB & Migrations

Database development / Migration projects / SQL + NoSQL

Intelligent Automation & AI

Data mining / Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Project Management

Scrum masters / PMs / Business Analysts / Architects

Quality Assurance & Cybersecurity

Consultants / Quality and security audits

Digital Enterprise

Legacy stack maintenance and support / Digital transformation management

Our tech stack

This is our based tech stack using for build incredible products – but we still evolve and add new technologies to that stack

Java Script
Java Script
React Native

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