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AI and automation consultancy

At People More we have broad experience in implementing Artificial Intelligence. We can help identifying how your business can benefit from AI tools available on a market by providing AI-based consultancy services.

AI is not required everywhere. Maybe your business needs Machine Learning, not AI? Sometimes good script is everything your operations need. People More can help you identifying which solution is the best to boost your business in AI-era.

Example case-study – healthcare provider:

Client have secured a budget to optimize specific healthcare processes by investing in AI. Our Business Analysts discovered that the analyzed business process can be much better covered in a relatively short script. Specific industry requires quick, simple answers and should not be dependent on any subjective results generated by AI. People More helped to find the right solution with a smaller budget.


  • Decreased budget for AI tools
  • Business risks mitigated by selecting technology tailored to business needs

How AI can help your business?


Access to top 1% engineers and named experts.
Jump starting IA & AI revolution in your company with best AI use-cases

People More experts have broad experience in tuning AI to help in automating operations. We can recommend best AI engine for specific business purpose and communication channels. We can also configure AI to obtain maximum results.

Example case-study – Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger (DE):

Our client required support in tuning ChatGPT to help generating content based on information available in several data lakes. Our data engineer adjusted algorithms and helped optimizing AI responses which are used directly in the communication channels. It saves a lot of time preparing content, as human operator is only selecting the preferred one from list of contents prepared by AI.


  • Efficient usage of human resources by transferring complex and time-consuming queries to fast AI algorithms
  • Decreased time of content preparation and verification

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